1. HTML5 History

HTML4.01 –1999.12
HTML5 – 2014.10– Done (8 years)
    In2006, WHATWG&W3C,     decide to create a new version ofHTML
    In2008, the first draft     has been published.
    In2012, Make sure the final     version of HTML5
    In2013, Publish the draft     version of HTML5.1
    In2014.10, Done and     publish with tears
    In2016, publish HTML5.1     for a plan (W3C).

2. Support of main browser

IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari,Opera and domestic browsers




3. HTML5 new attributes

3.1 Semantic

Div, table à


More and stronger style

3.9 Local DB

DB path: C:\Users\cxji.CSICN\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\UserData\Default\databases\ Databases.db

4. Advantages and disadvantages