Delphi项目的构成(Files That Make Up a Delphi Project)

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Delphi项目的构成(Files That Make Up a Delphi Project)

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你是否对默认的Delphi项目所包含的文件都认识呢?下面让我来一起看看吧。Step1、打开Delphi7,选择【File | New | Application】,创建一个默认Delphi应用程序;Step2、选择【File | Save All】,将我




Step1、打开Delphi7,选择【File | New | Application】,创建一个默认Delphi应用程序;

Step2、选择【File | Save All】,将我们的默认Delphi程序保存到一个独立的文件夹(例如C:\FirstTest)中;


Step4、接下来打开Windows资源管理器,打开刚才保存的文件夹 (例如C:\FirstTest)看看,如下图:


文件名 类型 英文 作用 翻译
Project1.cfg 项目 Project configuration file

Stores project configuration settings. It has the same name as the project file, but with the extension .cfg.

Project1.dof 项目选项文件 Project options file

Contains the current settings for project options, such as compiler and linker settings, directories, conditional directives, and command-line parameters. Set these options using the Project Options dialog box (Project|Options), they are saved in text form for easy maintenance, version control, and sharing.

Project1.dpr 项目文件 Delphi Project The project file contains references to all the forms and units used by the project.  
Project1.exe 应用程序 Executable File You can run it under win32  
Project1.res 资源文件 Resource File Contains the version info resource (if required) and the application抯 main icon. This file may also contain other resources used within the application but these are preserved as is. Do not delete this file if your application contains any references to it.  
Unit1.dcu 窗体编译文件 Delphi compiled unit The first time you build an application or a dynamically linkable library, the compiler produces a compiled unit (.dcu on Windows) file for each new unit used in your project  
Unit1.dfm 窗体文件 Delphi Form Form files (extension .dfm ) describe each component in your form, including the values of all persistent properties.  
Unit1.pas 窗体单元文件 Delphi Source File Each form in a project also has an associated unit. The unit contains the source code for any event handlers attached to the events of the form or the components it contains. A unit associated with a form is sometimes called a form unit.  




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