jQuery desktop, jQuery desktop grid, jQuery mac os x, jQuery system.
to make an beautiful desktop like os system to enhance user experience.
clone the project, then just run the index., you will see the demo.

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version-2.0 features

--support multi screen, if too many cellContents, all cellContents was separated to different screens, it's amazing.
--support hot key to switch screen, default is ctrl+alt+(<-) and ctrl+alt+(->)
--support random background color of each screen.
--support goto left screen of current screen
--support goto right screen of current screen
--support goto screen that user specified

version-1.0 features

--support chrome, firefox, safari, ie6+(include ie6)
note, the performance of the ie8-(include ie8) is not as good as chrome and firefox.
recommend browser order as follows, chrome, firefox, safari, ie
--support gridDiv margin top, bottom, left, right.
--support drag cellFrom to other cellTo.
--if cellTo was occupied, two ways to settle down.
(1)let the cellFrom return to it's origin position.
(2)exchange cellFrom and cellTo.
--support only square grid.
--support jquery easy ui drag able.
--support easing manner if you use jquery easing plugin.
--support random background color of each cell.

jQuery DesktopGrid screenshot

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