opensuse cacti snmpd.conf的配置

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opensuse cacti snmpd.conf的配置

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opensuse cacti snmpd.conf的配置cacti在centos下配置成功.但是在opensuse折腾了好一段时间.Java代码 # Please see /usr/share/doc/packages/net-snmp/EXAMPLE.conf for a # more complete example ...
opensuse cacti snmpd.conf的配置
# Please see /usr/share/doc/packages/net-snmp/EXAMPLE.conf for a  
# more complete example and snmpd.conf(5).  
# Writing is disabled by default for security reasons.  If you'd like  
# to enable it uncomment the rwcommunity line and change the community  
# name to something nominally secure (keeping in mind that this is  
# transmitted in clear text).  
# don't use ' < > in strings for syslocation or syscontact  
# Note that if you define the following here you won't be able to change  
# them with snmpset  
syslocation Server Room  
syscontact Sysadmin ([email protected])  
# These really aren't meant for production use.  They include all MIBS  
# and can use considerable resources.  See snmpd.conf(5) for information  
# on setting up groups and limiting MIBS.  
#rocommunity public  
agentaddress 161  
rocommunity public  
rwcommunity private  
trapsink public 162  
rocommunity corporate #your server for snmp  


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