linux boot sequence

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linux boot sequence

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linux boot sequence1.load bios(hardware information) MBR#39;s config to find out the OS3.load the kernel of the OS4.init process starts..5.execute /etc/rc.d/
linux boot sequence
1.load bios(hardware information) MBR's config to find out the OS
3.load the kernel of the OS
4.init process starts..
5.execute /etc/rc.d/sysinit
6.start other modules(etc/modules.conf)
7.execute the run level scripts 
NFS:Network File System 
8.execute /etc/rc.d/rc.local
9.execute /bin/login started..
bty: rc.d is the directory for all run control daemons.
daemons are system services, usually running in the background.
rc意即run commands,d是daemons的意思


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