Does GoldenGate requires Xlc.Adt.Include 8.0 (文档 ID 1147116.1)


Oracle GoldenGate - Version: and later [Release: 10.4.0 and later ]
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Does Oracle GoldenGate requires Xlc.Adt.Include 8.0?


In README.txt, it is written that the following as the minimum runtime libraries required

Some versions of AIX 5.3 do not have the latest runtime libraries required by Oracle
GoldenGate. Please make sure the following minimums are met:

xlC.adt.include 8.0 COMMITTED C Set ++ Application
xlC.aix50.rte 8.0 COMMITTED XL C/C++ Runtime for AIX 5.3
xlC.msg.en_US.rte 8.0 COMMITTED XL C/C++ Runtime
xlC.rte 8.0 COMMITTED XL C/C++ Runtime

The list above is not correct. Library xlC.adt.include 8.0 is not required. The rest of the other three runtime libraries are still required for Oracle GoldenGate to function normally.

The following link has the required runtime libraries

Necessary changes will be made to README.txt.