1、Firewall Exceptions for Oracle Database

For basic database operation and connectivity from remote clients, such as SQL*Plus, Oracle Call Interface (OCI), Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Object Linking and Embedding database (OLE DB) applications, and so on, the following executables must be added to the Windows Firewall exception list:

Oracle_home\bin\oracle.exe - Oracle Database executable

Oracle_home\bin\tnslsnr.exe - Oracle Listener

If you use remote monitoring capabilities for your database, the following executables must be added to the Windows Firewall exception list:

Oracle_home\bin\emagent.exe - Oracle Database Control

Oracle_home\jdk\bin\java.exe - Virtual Machine (JVM) for Enterprise Manager Database Control

2、Firewall Exceptions for Oracle Database Examples (or the Companion CD)

After installing the Oracle Database Companion CD, the following executables must be added to the Windows Firewall exception list:

Oracle_home\opmn\bin\opmn.exe - Oracle Process Manager

Oracle_home\jdk\bin\java.exe - JVM

3、 Firewall Exceptions for Oracle Gateways

If your Oracle database interacts with non-Oracle software through a gateway, then you must add the gateway executable to the Windows Firewall exception list. Table 5-1table lists the gateway executables used to access non-Oracle software.

Table 5-1 Oracle Executables Used to Access Non-Oracle Software

Executable Name Description


Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server


Oracle Database Gateway for Sybase


Oracle Database Gateway for Teradata


Oracle Database Gateway for SQL Server


Oracle Database Gateway for Distributed Relational Database Architecture (DRDA)


Oracle Database Gateway for Advanced Program to Program Communication (APPC)


Oracle Database Gateway for APPC


Oracle Database Gateway for WebSphere MQ


Oracle Database Gateway for WebSphere MQ


Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC

4、 Firewall Exceptions for Oracle Clusterware and Oracle ASM

If you installed the Oracle Grid Infrastructure software on the nodes in your cluster, then you can enable the Windows Firewall only after adding the following executables and ports to the Firewall exception list. The Firewall Exception list must be updated on each node.

Grid_home\bin\gpnpd.exe - Grid Plug and Play daemon

Grid_home\bin\oracle.exe - Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM) executable (if using Oracle ASM for storage)

Grid_home\bin\racgvip.exe - Virtual Internet Protocol Configuration Assistant

Grid_home\bin\evmd.exe - OracleEVMService

Grid_home\bin\crsd.exe - OracleCRService

Grid_home\bin\ocssd.exe - Oracleervice

Grid_home\bin\octssd.exe - Cluster Time Synchronization Service daemon

Grid_home\bin\mDNSResponder.exe - multicast-domain name system (DNS) Responder Daemon

Grid_home\bin\gipcd.exe - Grid inter-process communication (IPC) daemon

Grid_home\bin\gnsd.exe - Grid Naming Service (GNS) daemon

Grid_home\bin\ohasd.exe - OracleOHService

Grid_home\bin\TNSLSNR.EXE - single client access name (SCAN) listener and local listener for Oracle RAC database and Oracle ASM

Grid_home\opmn\bin\ons.exe - Oracle Notification Service (ONS)

Grid_home\jdk\jre\bin\java.exe - JVM

5 、Firewall Exceptions for Oracle RAC Database

For the Oracle RAC database, the executables that require exceptions are:

Oracle_home\bin\oracle.exe - Oracle RAC database instance

Oracle_home\bin\emagent.exe - Oracle Enterprise Manager agent

Oracle_home\jdk\bin\java.exe - For the Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Console

In addition, the following ports should be added to the Windows Firewall exception list:

Microsoft file sharing system management bus (SMB)

User Datagram Protocol (UDP) ports from 135 through 139

TCP ports from 135 through 139

Direct-hosted SMB traffic without a network basic I/O system (NetB)

port 445 (TCP and UPD)

6、 Firewall Exceptions for Cluster File System for Windows

If you use Oracle Cluster File System for Windows (OCFS for Windows) to store the Oracle Clusterware files, or Oracle RAC database files, then you must add the following exceptions to the Windows Firewall:

Grid_home\cfs\Ocfsfindvol.exe - OCFS for Windows Volume Service

%WINDOWS_HOME%\system32\drivers\Ocfs.sys - System file for OCFS (if using OCFS for Windows for Oracle Clusterware storage)

7 、Firewall Exceptions for Other Oracle Products

In addition to all the previously listed exceptions, if you use any of the Oracle software listed in, then you must create an exception for Windows Firewall for the associated executable.

Table 5-2 Other Oracle Software Products Requiring Windows Firewall Exceptions

Oracle Software Product Executable Name

Data Guard Manager


Oracle Internet Directory lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) Server


External Procedural Calls