Beta 1 to Beta 2 Changes

Heres the first thing I would do if you are a developer of .NET
It will save you a ton of time as you migrate your apps. Then as you find a broken namespace in your app, or something else that no longer works in Beta2, click one of the links below and search the page (Ctrl-F for IE users) for your term. These documents are part of the downloads found at

Here is the change list

API Changes (thanks to Alex Lowe from

  • API changes broken down by Namespace

Compiler and Language Changes
  • C#   (size 83k)
  • Visual Basic.NET   (size 13k)
  • JScript.NET   (size 10k)
  • Managed Extensions for C++   (size 39k)
  • SDK Tools Changes   (size 55k)

Framework Class Library Changes
  • ASP.NET   (size 274k)
  • ClassLib   (size 410k)
  • Net Classes   (size 35k)
  • Framework   (size 390k)
  • Common Language Runtime   (size 39k)
  • Interop   (size 45k)
  • JIT   (size 3k)
  • Metadata   (size 5k)
  • Miscellaneous   (size 41k)
  • Security   (size 92k)

If you have alot of bandwidth, you can view the whole list, but it is 1.6MEG.
CLICK HERE to view the list.