The State of Vue(自译)

2.0 is now in RC!

We announced Vue 2.0 back in April,
and today I am very excited to release the first release candidate for Vue 2.0!
From this stage on we will be in API freeze and there will be no more breaking changes before official release.

2.0 正在候选发布(RC)!

我们在四月的时候宣布了Vue 2.0的消息,
并且在今天我将非常激动地发布Vue 2.0的第一个RC版本!

All the official supporting libraries, e.g. vue-router, vuex, vue-loader & vueify have all been updated to work with Vue 2.0.
This means the 2.0 stack is technically complete — the only thing we are waiting for is documentation and release-related logistics.
Despite that, we have prepared a Vue 2.0 RC Starter Resources guide to help those feeling adventurous jump right into 2.0 today.

所有官方支持的库,例如vue-router,vuex,vue-loader和vueify都已经升级到能和Vue 2.0一起使用。
除此之外,我们还准备了Vue 2.0 RC Starter Resources

Vue.js in the Industry

I recently answered the question “How Popular is Vue.js in the Industry?” on Quora.
You can read about the full answer here, but here are some highlights:

  • Based on the combined metrics including Google Trends, GitHub star history & statistics,
    Vue.js has consistently been one of the fastest growing libraries in the past few months and there’s currently no sign of slowing down.

  • 1 million+ downloads on NPM at 125k~150k per month

  • 1.5 million page views & 150k monthly unique visitors on

  • 36,000+ weekly active vue-devtool users

  • Used by great open source projects: Laravel, GitLab, PageKit & more.

  • Strong international adoption: biggest Chinese public companies (Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent), biggest Chinese unicorns (private companies with $1B+ valuation — Xiaomi, Didi Chuxing, DJI,, established enterprises in Japan/UK (Line, Nintendo, Sainsbury’s)


我最近在Quora上回答了“Vue在业界有多流行?”的问题. 你可以在这里看到完整的答案, 这里是一些要点:

  • 根据结合了包括 Google Trends, Github star历史记录以及 stats.js.org统计数据在内的度量结果, Vue.js在过去几个月内连续保持增长最快速的库之一,并且现在毫无减弱的迹象.

  • NPM上有100万次以上的下载, 每月12.5到15万.

  • vuejs.org访问量达150万, 每月有15万不同的访客.

  • vue-devtool 过去一周有3.6万以上的活跃用户.

  • 被大型开源项目所用:例如 Laravel, GitLab, PageKit 等等.

  • 国际上广为采用: 例如 中国最大的公司(阿里巴巴,腾讯,百度),中国最大独角兽公司(明星初创企业)

Patreon Campaign Going Strong

The Vue.js patreon campign now has over $8,000 monthly pledge from the community and sponsors.
It is absolutely amazing to be able to work full-time on an open source project that I am genuinely passionate about, and for that I am forever grateful to all the supporters.

Patreon Campaign 更加壮大

Vue.js patreon campign现在已经有了每月从社区和赞助者处得到的$8,000的赞助.
, 因此我永远感谢那些支持我的人.

I think the Vue.js patreon campaign is an interesting experiment on sustainable financial models for open source projects that demand serious commitment: it’s open source not as the by-product of a commercial company trying to help with recruiting — the only goal of the project is to create something that help more people get more things done in an easier and faster way. It’s sustained not by revenue that possibly has nothing to do with the project itself, but rather directly by those who use it in their everyday work. To be honest, I don’t think this is a model that is easy to pull off (for that I am very lucky), but I do hope it can serve as a valuable case study for those who are interested in more sustainable open source work.

我认为Vue.js patreon campign 是一个对需要严肃承诺的开源项目的可持续金融模型上有趣的实验: 它不是因为作为商业公司用来招聘的副产品而开源——这个项目的唯一目标就是创造一些能够帮助更多的人用更简单快捷的方法做更多事情的东西. 这个项目并不是依靠一些来自于和它完全无关的地方的盈利来维持,而是依靠那些每天在工作中使用它的人们
.讲真, 我不认为这是一个能轻松推广的模型(所以说我很幸运), 但我衷心希望它能够作为一个对致力于更加可持续开源项目的人来说有价值的案例而服务.